Enjoy our range of

all natural & handmade personal care products. 

Made right here in Sri Lanka!



Moonshadow is an expression of optimism, inspired by the same boundless positivity in Cat Stevens’ song of the same title. We are convinced that although humanity is facing an era of many challenges, environmental and social, there are ways to create equitable wealth without compromising the planet’s health.

Moonshadow produces biodegradable, environmentally safe body and home care products. The way we operate reflects our steps towards changing the way we, as a society, create value, share knowledge, and impact the planet.

The optimism that fuels Moonshadow sustains the belief that we don’t have to compromise on quality or the health of the environment.



“From nature, back to nature”


We are committed to using only the purest natural ingredients in our products.  That means no sneaky preservatives or chemically altered natural derivatives.  We favour locally produced raw ingredients and wherever possible we choose organic. 


We believe that what you put onto your skin should be as natural as you are.  And because we care about the environment all our soaps and laundry products are biodegradable and are non-toxic to aquatic and soil life.



Handmade means that there is a person behind every process of every product that we offer. 


The investment you make when you purchase our lovingly made products ensures that these hands can keep busy and the women behind the products can continue to contribute to their families and stand proud in their communities. 


We believe that human hands are more valuable than machines and small batch made products carry the story and passion that we stand for.



We understand that it is important to have a final product that meets the needs of today without compromising the needs of tomorrow. 


This is why we favour packaging that is biodegradable and recyclable. 

We have minimised as much plastic packaging from our product range as possible and we are continuously searching for further alternatives so that we can meet our goal of being a zero waste enterprise! 


Help us along the way by composting, reusing, repurposing, and recycling whatever packaging comes to you.



Recognising that there are many challenges for women in Sri Lanka to balance work and family commitments, Moonshadow created a model that offers our team the chance to work from home so they can earn a living on par with their partners’ and have complete flexibility to take care of their family needs. 


This creates the opportunity for the rural family to move away from debt and it gives women in the community the ability to stand proud as entrepreneurs.



Enjoy our range of all natural & handmade personal care products.  Made right here in Sri Lanka


Meet our small team of beautiful souls, trying to make this world a tiny bit better. Our goal is to provide you a sustainable product, that leaves you with a good feeling about what you are supporting!