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Enjoy our range of all-natural & handmade personal care products.  

Made right here in Sri Lanka!



“From nature, back to nature”


We are committed to using only

the purest natural ingredients in

our products.  That means no sneaky preservatives or chemically altered natural derivatives.  We favour locally produced raw ingredients and wherever possible we choose organic. 


We believe that what you put onto your skin should be as natural as you are.  And because we care about the environment all our soaps and laundry products are biodegradable and are non-toxic to aquatic and soil life.

I absolutely love your soaps! It is the only soap brand I use, and it's a gift to my skin. What makes it better is that it's good for the environment and helps support the community!

Amar Riyaz

The body soaps smells incredible.

It does not dry my skin,

which is the best part of me!


Couldn't be happier to have all my personal products from one locally and organically produced brand. Everyday feels a bit like a spa experience, everything smells amazing and my skin feels happier too

Adria Pereira



Moonshadow is an expression

of optimism, inspired by the same boundless positivity in Cat Stevens’ song of the same title. We are convinced that although humanity is facing an era of many challenges, environmental and social, there are ways to create equitable wealth without compromising the planet’s health.

Moonshadow produces biodegradable, environmentally safe body and home care products. The way we operate reflects our steps towards changing the way we, as a society, create value, share knowledge, and impact the planet.

The optimism that fuels Moonshadow sustains the belief that we don’t have to compromise on quality or the health of the environment.


Ruwanpaya, Belipola
Mirahwatta, Bandarawela, 90200
Sri Lanka

074 130 2663

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